Please don’t forget…

That we are all special and unique, even when we are feeling otherwise.

I have just come off of a 16 year long delusion that I was the most special person to ever live. What a burden that was to carry around. But thanks to taking Kratom for over a month this delusion is gone and I can laugh about it now. I mean come on that would mean I am greater than Jesus, Mary, Gandhi, etc..

Big lol over here.

I am not ashamed that I have Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder!

I am at my best and have been so busy living life that I haven’t been blogging as much lately. That’s ok sometimes but today I felt the need to let everyone I am doing awesome. Blogging increases my dopamine levels I have discovered, as does social connections, which I am making more frequently as of late, nicotine (much less these days), cold showers, and Kratom. There is much more but although I haven’t taken a cold shower, I have gone outside in the cold with shorts and tank top and find it beneficial.

When we are lacking dopamine, which is a part of having Schizophrenia, our pleasure center needs to be stimulated or we are apathetic, bored with our life and seek after drugs and alcohol. I have not had a drink in 11 months! I don’t miss it but sought out herbs to stimulate my dopamine levels and it’s working great! I need to dedicate a notebook to all the herbs I am trying, to remember which ones worked and which ones were like nah, didn’t do anything.

Anyway, just checking in and will be back soon but not everyday as I have so many projects, it’s unbelievable how much I am getting done. Normal people (if one even knows what that is) are able to start and finish tasks with ease. People with Schizophrenia don’t have the ability to do the same. I am starting to though and it feels great to be more “normal” than ever before.

Here are my current projects that bring me joy~

Digging up rocks in rose garden and weeding it too, with long gloves on the way

Side garden continued every day. It is quite lovely and the grass and wildflowers I planted are really progressing nicely.

Daily Yoga and long walks with my dog or daughter plus strength training 3x a week

Following nutrition recommendations for better brain health about 80/20 of the time which means lots of finding recipes and cooking them and cleaning my kitchen.

Writing my Nature Thought Journal (on day 6!, with a goal of 30 days)

Other writing projects especially Logotherapy

30 day Mental Health Journal by Joey talks, which I highly recommend

Enlightenment retreat (on session 4)

Studies of herbs, philosophy and consciousness

Painting my kitchen cabinets

Helping my mom as much as possible

Daily fetch with my pups!

Babysitting my granddaughter!

Weekly family dinners!

Spa bath time every other day

Maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle especially with my wardrobe

And more, basically putting my energy anywhere my family, home or other areas need attention.

Next today, dusting LOL

Have a peaceful week dear readers~

I will leave you with my favorite quote by Gandhi ~

Be the change you wish to see in the world…

I’m trying one moment at a time.



2 thoughts on “Please don’t forget…

  1. Lovely schedule you’ve got! I can feel the good vibes, and it’s so awesome to see that you’re in a better place 😊 Glad you’re taking things easy and investing time and energy in the things that make you feel better.
    Thanks for the update! Hope things just get better and better 😇

    Liked by 1 person

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