Mind, Body and Spirit Series~Meditation…

With May being almost over I have decided to take this blog into an ongoing series of posts about all that I learn about the mind, body and spirit connection. I’m going to post this series on Saturdays because it will be the culmination of all that I learn throughout the week from basically everywhere. I am very excited and hope it is of interest to all of you readers:)

This week has been an interesting one observing different ways my mind is working now that I am in reality fully. I was seeing too many signs of which I was cured of that and for me signs represent delusions. I am not, however, saying that people don’t receive signs just that I was seeing and reading into things too much, which for me represents delusional thinking.

My mind is well rested today, though, and sat down for a light supper and was watching my enlightenment retreat, which is fascinating. I learned that without the mind, we cannot even perceive the body so hence I am now referring to this connection in the above order rather than body, mind and spirit. In meditation it is the goal to quiet the mind, so we can be fully present in spirit. At least that is my takeaway from today’s talk on my ongoing retreat.

I have read and experienced the monkey mind (thoughts bouncing around) quite a bit and for that reason was never able to meditate. I accepted it and felt that meditation is not for me. But now that I am really learning how to become one in mind, body and spirit I am much more easily getting into a very quiet time of meditation that rests all of me. This is great news as I have always believed that meditation is good for oneself, and now I am able to meditate successfully, if one can call it that. I just spend a few minutes throughout the day in this state and welcome it when I do so.

It’s amazing how creativity in my life pours forth when I do this. Creativity in my writing and reading, my yoga and other exercise I do each week, with my loved ones in conversation or just being with them, my gardens and whatever I am up to. When I feel I am able to tap into creativity for these times, a part of me rejoices. It gives meaning and purpose to my life and depression and anxiety are at bay.

This is my personal recovery from Schizophrenia and my experience may inspire you or not. I just will share what is working for me and hope that at least one person will be touched by my sharing.

Thank you all for your support as I navigate my new beginning, blogging a bit of it on my journey through life. I will end with my interpretation of a quote I keep coming across and I hope to relay it well, but it goes something like this. Happiness is not a destination, it is the journey along the way where we should be happy. I am happy today as I pursue my passions along with the experiencing the doldrums of life…



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4 thoughts on “Mind, Body and Spirit Series~Meditation…

  1. Impressive! It’s great that you’ve started this new routine and it looks like the approach you’re taking is certainly making you more peaceful and mindful.
    Thank you for sharing 😊

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