999 angel number…Release me~

Seeing this number on my phone for the first time tonight on one of my apps is a great significance in my existence…

It means the end of a phase and new beginnings…

This seems to be my theme for this year, new beginnings.

Tomorrow I am seeing a new life coach who is a somewhat expert in a new herb I have been taking for over a month now, that works as an anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and anti-anxiety relief supplement that has changed my life. I am still taking all my psych meds but tonight am going to see if I can sleep well without my ususal dosage of Klonapin. I have been taking a new supplement (a nootropic) at night that helps me sleep but gives me vivid dreams; we’re talking adventure movie detailed dreams!

It seems that for me that the Divine is willing me to be relieved of my Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder. First with offering me the ketogenic diet, which I chose not to pursue, but may incorporate a low carb diet in union with my supplementation which I will share tomorrow if my new life coach is in agreement. He is not a psychiatrist but I have a study from Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine that touts the effectiveness of the new herbal supplement I have been taking for a month now.

I accept whatever the Divine has for me, release of schizophrenia, or stay the gamut and keep taking my psych meds. He is not a doctor and my psychiatrist is against me going off my meds on this new controversial herb.

Not only do I feel in complete remission from my schizophrenia but also have gotten down to one cup of coffee a day, feel ready to quit vaping nicotine as don’t feel the need anymore and given me more focus, energy and optimism of which I was lacking intermittently prior to trying nootropics.

I was already doing well and now this. I am amazed and grateful to God for this new chance at my life changing once again. Can’t wait until tomorrow and my session which will hopefully bring the clarity that I seek.

For those of you following my past blogs, I also am not doing the zero limits philosophy as of yesterday. I feel much better with my own prayers and offering of my life to God than apologizing and constantly cleansing myself of ???? It was worth a try. I’m not returning to full manifestation practice but allowing God to bring to fruition all that is meant for me, my loved ones and the world.

I still believe I am not to work (this may change) but rather to continue writing for free and blogging as I have been doing especially focusing on Viktor Frankl’s work of Logotherapy, mental health (especially fighting stigma), nutrition for the brain and gut, and yoga. Of course this follows my theme for the month of taking care of mind, body and spirit.

I also have a side blog if anyone is interested about my encounters with God that is already published but will share it here, too, once I have more material on it. It only has a few posts as of yet, but if anyone is interested in it now, use the contact form above or comment with your email and I will let you in my spiritual world as well as this one:)

peace to all of you…

and may tomorrow bring us all the answers we seek for healthy mind, body and spirit connection.


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