Pain can be addictive too…

I have endured so much pain in my life that it is odd now that I am no longer in pain.

Do I miss it? Kinda

But now I am addicted to learning and must be careful in time spent on it.

Right now I am in the middle of an enlightenment video series by Bentinho Manharro, an ebook called Zero Limits which I will expand on further in this blog, , a kindle book called Dopamine Nation, many books by Viktor Frankl, and creating my list of reading about philosophy, cosmology (not focused on this as much) and consciousness from the University I was thinking about attending.

It is wonderful to learn and expand my mind now that I am doing so well with my remission of Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder…

The timing is perfect. I balance my self-study with family time, gardening, eating healthy, chores and playing with my pups. I have two really good friends that I talk to or see every so often. It is enough for me as I am so busy with all my activities that I dreamt about doing for the last 5 years since I was put on disability for my Schizophrenia. From sitting all day every day to now managing a busy houselhold and a few other properties. I’m very blessed and feel fortunate for the life I have.

This leads me to the book I am listening to called Zero Limits by Joe Vitale which is the ultimate state (according to the book) beyond manifestation. I decided to blog about it because I have often promoted manifestation in my blogs. I always pray for the will of God in my manifestation practice but am going to give Zero Limits a try for 6 months.

Adopting this new mindset is powerful and requires detachment from any outcome. It is repeating this phrase in any situation or people I am around my day.

It goes like this:

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

This is directed to the Divine or God or whatever one chooses to call the Power that is greater than ourselves. The book Zero Limits believes that this mantra or prayer will lead to wealth, peace and more.

I’ll let you know how it goes. But although I am not sure yet how it will go (kinda the idea) it is a concept learnt from secret practice in Hawaii.

It’s letting go and not asking for things, which I have done and also trusted in whatever God chooses for me. Although I did ask to be able to suffer for God and was given the gift of Schizophrenia in 2006, but it involved others in my life to suffer as well. I am now making up for lost time. I am now wondering if this gift is being removed?

I no longer rely on anybody for my mental health issues. This is huge!

So off I go to ask for nothing tonight but to repeat the prayer above and try to mean it. It is also about not trying to force things but letting go and being at a state of zero. I am not good at not having focus though so it will be an interesting trial…

I must share how I came to find about this sacred Hawaiian practice. I read a blog about it a few weeks ago and happened to save the blog. I was cleaning up my emails last night and came across it. I will admit when I first read it I was not excited about it and still am not for habits are hard to break. As I reread the blog I was intrigued further and checked my library to see if they had it. They did and it was on Hoopla for free. Possibly a sign? The bible also teaches to not ask for anything but God’s will in all.

I practiced that for many years off and on and had good results although not always the outcome I wished for but have become content if I suffer and content to be without suffering as I am now.

I am not promoting any one religion, just sharing how this morning I was for the first time in a while so overwhelmed with what to do next in a non-stressful way that I looked further into listening to this book and wonder how my life might change again.

What are your thoughts on practicing Zero Limits vs. Manifestation practice?

If you decide to check it out let me know.



8 thoughts on “Pain can be addictive too…

  1. The practice of appreciating without asking for anything in return is certainly something which we can learn from! Sometimes it doesn’t need to be about us and our needs, but rather what’s designed and designed for us.
    Glad to see you’re taking it easy and spending your time wisely 😊

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      1. Hey Simone, I was looking at your blog and was clicking on about but it didn’t do anything, was looking for your email:) just wanted to let you know that I shared your post The Gift of Giving on Linkedin under a popular post on positive quote of the day about giving. Felt led to share your post in case you see an influx of viewers from Linkedin lol. Peace V

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