After 5 long years my dad passed on 9-11-21

I am in Maui right now grateful for the many moments with my dad over the past 5 years since his strokes July 2, 2016 which left him paralyzed on his left side and bedridden.

He rarely complained if at all. He is my hero. Even in his death he was thoughtful…

We booked this trip months ago and we have gotten many calls that he was about to pass over the last five years and more frequently the last few months. We had rushed to his side and once we appeared he would perk back up till the next call.

He stopped eating about a month ago and had been living on prayers and water/ice cubes for the last few weeks. Luckily he still knew us and my mom and I would visit him sometimes every day or every other day. Our biggest prayer was that he would not die alone.

Our prayers were answered!

We saw him for the last time last Thursday but didn’t go Friday because I was busy with preparing for hip surgery after Hawaii and much to do for our trip the next day.

I have left my phone ringer on night and day for the 5 years. On the day of his passing I awoke at 4am and I drove to lax with my family arriving at around 8 for a 930 flight.

We got the call at 8 that he was detiriorating and would be passing soon. I called my oldest son who didn’t travel with us because my daughter in law is due with my granddaughter October 19th the day after what would have been my dads 84th birthday. They both went right away to be within and yet he still clung on for his dear life.

My brother who is the oldest and lives 5 hours away from my dad drove not rushing because of so many false alarms. But I knew the end and beginning of eternal life was close.

As we boarded the plane I was crying a lot and my husband comforted me. I paid 6 $ during mid flight to email my oldest son to see how my dad was doing. He was still alive. my hour was up for the internet and I had tremendous peace come over me. I relaxed into the flight.

We were descending at 320m and I began to get a string of texts that my brother had made it in time at 230 pm. My dad passed at 3pm the hour of divine mercy, the hour of Jesus’s death. I was a wreck but had to deal with difficulties surrounding Covid and my youngest sons lack of vaccination card.

As we drove an hour to the villas I was in shock that it was over, and that I no longer had my dad on earth. I prayed for his soul and for a sign that he was in heaven. I wished to see a rainbow and as you may know Hawaii is the rainbow state . I usually see rainbows a lot on my trips.

The second day since his passing I was watching videos of him on my phone crying and praying for his soul.

On the morning of the third day of his passing I got lost walking around the villas and ended up on the beach. It was there that I finally saw my rainbow and I haven’t cried since!

God is so good! I know my dad and my sister’ s husband who passed last November are together in heaven goofing around. He is no longer in pain and my extreme sadness has passed.

Thanks if you got this far on this blog!

The day before I saw the rainbow I received an inspirational quote from Yoda-

Lastly I wish to impart that my dad was a huge history buff and the fact that he passed on the 20th year anniversary of 9-11 is huge while we were in flight. I feel this trip is a gift from my dad through God almighty because I have been surrounded by paradise to grieve the loss of my dad.

I will leave you with a quote From Yoda I received the day before seeing the rainbow- death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who Transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. ❤️❤️🌈

Peace to you all on this journey we are all on!

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