More late night musings…

A good and bad day,

my mom is coming to the party tomorrow so I am cleaning every nook and cranny which is great because I only do this when she is coming over. It’s fun! Things weren’t too bad because my daughter does a great job and I keep up and do a deep cleaning every few months.

I’m smelling orchids blooming as I type. It’s wonderful! They are for my daughter who is very spoiled by me, her best friend and her boyfriend ha ha ha. But she knows it and is quite proud! It’s been her birthday all month and tomorrow her birthday party and Father’s Day party to boot! Cooking two dinners. OK I might be manic today.

I just decided I am going to go with my mom when I pick her up to see my dad and then head to the party at my house.

I even put string lights up in the garden and I am quite pleased. I’m so bad with posting pics but would rather describe it and spend my computer time blogging…

Getting tired, Risperdal is kicking in.

Oh and Monday II get the results of my biopsy. Whatever…

I am not surprised at anything lately. So much good but it is mixed with sadness over my dad living on a prayer and my mental health and now physical health problems. I’ll face it when I know but thanks for any prayers!

peace love light and joy


One comment on “More late night musings…

  1. ashleyleia says:

    Fingers crossed for Monday.

    Liked by 1 person

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