It’s a beautiful day…

Yesterday, at exactly midnight on June 15th, I opened a brand new owl journal to begin my new life. I didn’t plan it to happen at that time though so I thought that was a sign and pretty cool.

I wrote to the parts of me (referring to my DID disorder) that do not benefit me, saying good bye really. Today one of them wanted to front (be the main identity) but I didn’t let her come out. I’m fighting it with sheer will power by blogging about it instead of lying down or bumbling about the house. It is the lost one and she usually shows up around 2pm every day but today she is wanting to cause me problems and I won’t allow it.

I am pumped! I have a brief therapy session in a bit but I’m going to make it brief. I just want to run this by a professional my plans to integrate on my own. One therapy hour a week is nothing. I need the programs that are expensive but it’s like 5,000 a week! Not rich yet. So I am embarking on this journey on my own.

I am very good at figuring things out!

I am who I am and nothing more.

My choices define me. So I choose good, positive, funny, hardworking activities with leisure along the way.

Here’s to new beginnings and saying good bye!

Off to the garden to spay aphids with a new orange oil spray to defeat them. Ha ha they better watch out…

peace love light and joy


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