End of May thoughts…

Let June come quickly, and already is in some parts of this big world; yet I feel more connected now after seeing all the different countries visiting my blog, some of which I have never heard of which is amazing. The web can be used for good so for that I am grateful.

It is the end of mental health month, but let not our journey end there. Let us continue to educate ourselves and support one another on this journey of the unknown and I will hang on for this ride. Oh, I do soar at times and certainly appreciate when they come. But far and between lately…

I had my first session with a DID disorder therapist today and it went well although there were 3 interruptions! I talked a lot, wow, it was good to get it all off my chest. The stress, the joys, the mundane all wrapped up into 45 minutes with mostly me talking. She did say the prognosis is good and said why but she also was able to witness one of my alters when my son interrupted me for something important, and then when my son’s dog escaped, she got to talk to Francis the hardworker. One thing I liked was that she listened and let me talk.

I was so nervous thinking I was going to be talking about my childhood. She met me where I was at and it was over so quick. Because of the prognosis I am feeling better about my life. Hope for better days and integration.

I haven’t been able to blog the past few days, a few drafts, but too much thinking over the weekend over what my new therapist would ask me. I visited my dad, which went great, and then took a long drive with my fave lately, Neil Diamond. Saturday was 5 hours at the pet urgent care with my son’s dog, who is huge. My dog bit off a chunk of my son’s dog in a fight over a bone. Stressful to say the least. But today was mellow and was ablle to clean up the messy house from the busy weekend. Feels good.

Thank you all!

peace love light and joy


2 comments on “End of May thoughts…

  1. ashleyleia says:

    I’m glad it went well with the therapist!

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