My favorite hobby…

I am happy today because I made great progress on my garden. Gardening more tomorrow if my body can take it! I am not used to physical labor but had stupendous success today with a hoe and building mounds for my veggies. I have spent $200 so far on plants, edging and soil. Also planning a flower section to keep it pretty and learning about companion planting (which plants work well with each other). So far have asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, chives, tomatillos, peppers and 6 tomato plants (early girl and beefsteak)! I bought early girl tomatoes because my mom is always talking about how they taste the best and they are ready in only 50 days! I am taking extra care with 2 of them because my mom is excited to have some.

My mom is my best friend right now and my daughter too. I am getting used to not having friends after an intense friendship suddenly ended. It is hard to not think grandiose thoughts about it not being God’s will for me to have any close friends. I do have a few casual friends but am thinking that it is best to not have close ones. When I start spending lots of time with a new friend, strange things happen to end the friendship. This has happened since I was diagnosed in 2008. And it hurts so much for both of us when the friendship ends, especially being an empath or hsp (highly sensitive person). I can’t even read comments safely on Facebook because of their negativity affecting me.

I am obsessed with gardening and it takes my mind off of not having friends to hang out with! This is the happiest I have been in a while though so I am gonna ride this wave.

My garden is small but it suits us and it is manageable. I need to relax more out there but once I get out to the side garden I have so much to do but am managing by breaking the work down in small chunks. My daughter helped me weed, which is awesome! But my son who used to love gardening with me when he was young just isn’t interested. I tried to manifest it but it didn’t work. That’s ok though because we have been spending time together which doesn’t always happen.

My kids are 29, 26 and 22 and grandbaby on the way due in October! My daughter is planning to move out by fall so I am planning to dedicate her room into a guest/kid room for my grandchild! Got to see pics of the sonogram; the baby has doubled in size from last month:) And my daughter in law is hoping I will baby sit which I offered when they came to dinner and a movie last night. I offered and she shyly but happily said she was already counting on it.

So much joy right now!

Wishing you all a wonderful tomorrow!

peace, love light and joy


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