Go on be happy now…

Did you set your intention today yet? I am right now and the winner is perseverance with attention to detail. I have a lot to do today but taking the time to set my intention is my latest desire to set my day with the right tone.

I choose a happy life and it chooses me. Although there is much to be sad about I choose to focus on the good memories or nothing at all. If I remember a sad occurrence from my past I choose to think up a lesson I learned from the experience to avoid certain outcomes.

Call it a survival mechinism or what you may but it works for me so far. For example my freindship that has ended recently, I learned that I don’t need to share every nuance of my life with any one person. And I don’t need to apologize for my actions. This is freeing and helps me to find a better mental state rather than be thinking all the time that I miss her and our friendship. Instead thinking that I had a grande time that ended.

That does not mean I will never have a friend again just that I need to be more protective of how much I share with any one person. Trust is hard but must not be jaded when it comes to friendships.

Super sad about my dad too but again remembering all the good in our life back to when I was a little girl and would sit atop his shoulders covering his eyes with my little hands. How he up till recently still loved to tell this story. But alas I can’t communicate with him anymore but that may change. We shall see.

Off to the gardens now. The weather is perfect and I am in the mood. Ah a great combination:)

peace love light and joy


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