I won’t worry my life away…

Life is too short to spend it in worry especially about my past. I don’t spend much time there but as many of us do sometimes a trigger can bring us back to an exciting time or unfortunately an upsetting event we would rather forget.

How can we be in the present moment? Fix our thoughts on the now, the present moment, what we hear (I hear Jason Mraz singing I won’t worry my life away and the keys tapping as I tap out this blog). What we see (I see words, I love words as they often can convey so much of what we feel). Smells, touch and taste also bring us in the moment.

These are just a few examples of grounding. If we are thinking about yesterday and the future then we are not in the moment. This is hard to do but not impossible.

I have much to do today. I am working on my book again (yay me), I am reading a new revolutionary self help book I was asked to review and I have my new treadmill to get some movement in.

Also going to cook up the last of the veggies and make a huge salad for tonight’s dinner! Busy yet relaxing day. Hope you all have a happy Sunday. I choose to not worry about a thing! What do you choose today?

peace love light and joy


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