Can one be a late bird and an early bird>…

Went to bed last night after midnight and up at 6:30am. Actually started writing at 7:00am which is pretty much a miracle for this writer. I made some hard decisions on different directions I want the book to flow. Why is it so hard to let my own ideas get in the way of getting this book published.

My adult daughter is now the editor in chief on this project. I think that’s cool and very helpful for me to have someone who not only knows me so well but is also very intelligent with her own observations. I still try to write my very best though and not take advantage of her. I got a lot done on the book this morning, hoping can become a daily routine. wake up and just write…

time will tell…off to work on the house.. would rather be writing but can’t sit all day even when I am on a roll.

peace love light and joy


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