True story of God touching down Part One…

I was in my twenties and had 2 children, one a baby. I had just “given my life to Jesus” at age 21 and was now 24. Pot has always been a part of my life as it helps me feel normal not high. So when I finally got serious about all aspects of my life being attuned to God’s will I prayed earnestly to know God’s will concerning my use of weed.

In 1994, the answer came in the form of a joint turning into the head of satan and ruining our high (me and another young mother who liked weed when you had to get it off the street) at least I think she saw it but to me it was an answer to my earnest prayer about my use of weed. I quit that moment for 20 plus years until 2016 when a tragedy stroke and I sought once again the relief pot gave me until after a few years of praying about it…stay tuned for part two, how God touched down again followed by my resistance



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