The Dreams bring back all the memories…

I have vivid memories of my (age 18) life in New York City, Lower east side Manhattan, Hotel 17, Billy the manager, me rented off and on for 3-4 months summer somewhere around 1988. Oh my! What a life. Roaming the streets at night alone but yet protected by some force never to be understood in this life on earth in this physical state. And then when money was low squatting homeless at a nearby abandoned apartment building. Sleeping in the cold until…. some things shall never be shared even here. But I did what I had to do stay alive and then Carrie a 14 year old runaway from New Jersey dies in a fire and I am left in a panic for fear of fate once again taking a friend away to alter my path in this unpredictable thing we call life.

More tomorrow about my time in New York in circa1988

peace to all!



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