Welcome to new followers and exciting news…

Oh my gosh! This will be short, I have a lot going on because I am detoxing off nicotine and I’m disorganized and I feel like crap. But I see that I got some new followers so want to give them a warm welcome!

FEBRUARY is already bringing so much good and awesomeness into my life! New life in many ways, and now that I am debt free with comfortable savings can pursue getting my physical and mental health under control with a holistic doctor at last. I kid you not, this was not an easy task to get to where I am but hey it’s here now.

My main secret is never giving up! I emit my desires to the Universe and wait sometimes patiently (that was a joke) and then I kick ass with research and picking people’s brains till I get the answer for me. I don’t always like the answer but with time adjust and continue to try to self-improve. It’s getting easier as I learn to trust in God more to take care of my needs and everyone’s.

Some exciting news! I am having a brain QEEG done on Thursday which will track my brain waves and maybe give me some answers for better physical and mental health. Personally, I think my dad having his stroke and almost dying several times that it caused me so much grief I just went off the deep end for a bit with my physical and mental health.

Anyway, suffering for a couple of days while nicotine gets out of my system.

Guess that wasn’t very short (another joke)…

I have decided to get into podcasts but will still be blogging because I love it so much! You all are great…

peace love light and joy


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