Late Musings…

My life lately is quite full to say the least…

Refinancing two properties, which has taken half a year and is coming to a close this month!  Getting ready for the gardens with dreaming and research, inner work by noticing my habits and making efforts to get in the best routines for me, blogging which I love the most, writing 7 E-books, taking care of my family with healthy food and spending quality time together, exercising regularly inside or outside with walking and yoga, visiting my dad on Thursdays and taking holiday on Fridays to a zen spot with my spiritual sister, talking to my mom almost every day and a lot of relaxing in between all of that.

I also interestingly enough have cut down from a pot or more a day of coffee to a cup and a half!  I don’t need it and am slightly less anxious without it but find myself needing a bit to awaken my mind.  Trying different things but haven’t found the right elixir yet…

Writing that made me tired ha ha. Need more coffee maybe he he. Hope you all are well and blessed be…



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