Awesome day…

Today was great. I had a holiday for real! I spent the day with my dearest friend and our pups. Didn’t have to do anything for my mom or dad, and financial stuff was done. I feel awesome 👏

It’s just great to have someone to talk to and her husband who passed May 2020 speaks through me. It’s an interesting dynamic. Our conversation ranges from God, to Buddhist monks to very important messaging. It brings her peace.

I am off to see if I can write my book. It’s important too! Do y’all like to read about exercise? If yes like this blog. I am obsessed with it so don’t want to blog about it if there is no interest.

The one thing I love about this blog is that I have no boss!!!!!! I can write when and where I want! But I also just share my mind with you all. It’s a fun place!

Peace love light and joy



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