Hey, Victoria here on a rainy day in California which is putting me in a really good mood. More on that later.

For this site I am going to be organizing it over the next month. Adding, deleting and creating some new series. As usual I am open to any ideas. For now please use the search feature for any topic that might interest you and I just may have blogged about it.

For instance for my bio just search that. Other areas that I find most popular are my Schizophrenia love journey with many parts, May series coping skills unlimited and more dating back to 2013.

Indexing this site has been the best ten bucks a month I have spent yet on this blog! We are doing ok right now financially especially since I’m not driving until my dad passes which may be ??? Still holding vigil.

God knows…

So that’s my plan for now. I am also very busy since yesterday with organizing many areas of my life. House, diet, cooking, cleaning, financial baloney and more.

I am not going to let the ultimate passing of my dear dad to stop me from being productive. I have grieved for 5 years so must now do what he would want and go on with my life.

I am also looking for a new therapist. I really think it is important to have one if one is diagnosed with a serious mental health disorder like me.

My current one who I am firing today just isn’t meeting my needs but making me feel worse. I won’t tell her that though, just that I am moving on because she has helped me a lot through my anticipatory grief.

My schizophrenia is acting up right now. I know what I am going to do. But that is a blog for another day.



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