Invisible lines…

Family dynamics can be a topic of great interest. My family is coming together in a big way surrounding my dad with love near his death.

But the unspoken words and invisible lines baffles me. We say things now when one is passing but what about to the ones still here in good health? What about the ones with a mental health disorder who are also empaths? What about the ones who fear death? Choices is all I can say.

I am glad I am not the focus right now. But I am deeply affected by grief and my dad keeps going. Indomitable man is he.

Today was not a good day. But I am starting to work on a new old project. I have decided to put all my hard work with May series coping skills unlimited into an ebook on Amazon. I need a distraction and this is it.

I can’t even really talk right now, drive, drink, or be without music. I’m suffering but feeling bad for my father too. Lots of journaling and quiet reflection.

I will be ok when he passes. But until then I am staying in my little shell 🐚

Peace love light and joy



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