Morning musings Monday…

It’s a fine day here in California, USA. I greet the day with open arms and welcome all that the day has to offer. My intention for this week is to be kind. But I want more although that is a great start. I want to take risks and change things up, clearing away negative energy and putting light love peace and joy instead.

Small goals I know but achievable step by step. Today starts with a blog with my plan for the week because without a plan I will get minimal done and I want to achieve a lot because the world is my oyster.

Be kind

to me, to others, to all animals

Move more~


Walking with my doggie


good food~

good drink~

less coffee

more h20

These are my basic goals. In addition I want to make lavender goat milk soap and garden. I also want to do some more shadow work and play with my crystals and spend time learning more about them.

How will I get there? Well this is a great start to my week mapping it out on here. Today is a day at home with much to be done yet will pace myself with relaxation along the day or way:)

I am excited anyway to have goals for breaking my habit of sitting all day! Of course I have the notion that I am wise and that sitting all day meditating, listening to upbeat music, drinking coffee, vaping and little social media all day makes me some sort of wise old woman. People come visit me and my pups are always at my side. Incense or candles burn or both. I am at peace at these times but have to remember to eat. Not too hungry these days…

peace love light and joy



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