If the plane goes down damn…

I have been listening to plane by Jason Mraz all day. It used to be a song I couldn’t listen to because it reminded me of when my brother in law was passing. Damn. It’s still hard and now his sister is very sick if you can spare any prayers.

I am ok. Had a visit today with my dad and was very hard. He says he is happy though so theres’ that. Emotional tonight and feeling the sadness I have in my heart for the loss of my dad how I knew him.

He is the father I love with all my heart and soul. I wear his ring on my wedding finger. Just saying.

Life is weird ya know. Like one minute all is well and then there’s like this terrible news that takes you back to memories of other terrible news. And it just makes one sad:(

But I will not let it stop my night of relaxing. no I will fight for peace and tranquility and offer up my humble prayers for Jim’s sister’s well being and sit back and watch God work. But it will be a huge blow if we lose her too. Blasted 2020! Be over be done. I am so ready for 2021!

peace love light and joy



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