I am obsessed with inner work…

I don’t know what to make of it but I am obsessed with shadow work and inner child although my inner child refused a conference with me.

I am so sensitive but today make progress talking to not only my brother and text with sister but also my mother and uncle. I am so good right now. I feel so loved and I love so deeply all in my family and all of you.

I am deeply honored to be a part of your journey whatever that may be whether you worship Buddha or the saints or whatever it is that you think of in times of need and God bless you for whatever you have found, whatever resonates with you. I am at peace.


I am sad thinking about my visit today with my dad. I love him so much as he is my heart and soul and to hold his hands even with gloves on was so so so nice… Today’s moments are the elixir to my existence so I am going back next week.

Will just enjoy being with him and not worry about calling others except for my mom. She will be happy to do that type of call I am hoping. I aim to please my parents still so much. They instilled in me a sense of right and wrong and with that I carry out my existence.

Obsessed with shadow work and also death lately. Just thinking about how I will die and with who. Is that morbid?? I think not but rather just small details for when we die we shall be with God and no longer suffer the way we suffer now in this present life.




p.s. any fellow 420er’s out there in this blog?

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