We are remarkable…

Really when one considers all we have been through, whether we are diagnosed, medicated on non, loved ones or mental health workers and hell even students, we are all interested in mental health for one reason or the other and I think it is safe to say that it has somehow affected us all…

We are remarkable, compassionate individuals interested in bettering ourselves and others and many of us are empaths.

I am an empath and often know things before they come or right after they have happened like the death of my brother in law. I knew it was over right after he passed. God rest his soul. amen.

I feel pain so intense, and joy the same and I have much to be joyful for these days. I get to visit my daddy next week Lord willing. Got to see him on Zoom today with family. Was nice but looking forward to some one on one along with a call to my brother. He is confused about politics but no matter I love him all the same and so it stands.

I am musing much about this day’s events. The work involved at many levels, the love immersed in much of the day’s interactions. This love I seek because it feels good. Ahh another moment with a loved one. My son, my joy, my chess partner visits me while I blog. Back I am, oh where was I?

Love permeates my every movement, all I do is with this power to realize the importance of every moment for we do not know when shall be our last. Life is a gift and this gift called life I embrace with all that I am…

Much done today, a job well done on many levels. Relaxing late tonight but get to sleep in tomorrow so be it.

peace, love and joy and light to all of you readers,



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