The world as I see it…

It, the world needs a lot of help. We can choose to give or take or just stay the same it is up to us. Today I gave in big and little ways. Most people are kind i have found and am happy that my family is so close and giving…

but this is not always the case. jealousy and strife run amidst many families but mine is not one. we are all rallying around my sister who lost her husband one week ago . my heart goes out to her and i think I may be doing worse than her because of my health disorder.

My daughter has been very sick these last 3 days showing improvement today. I take care of her when she is sick but have the night off because she is with her promising boyfriend. He will make sure she takes it easy so I am not worried but it has been some week for sure.

I don’t do well with change but losing my brother in law is so huge for our family. He was here one day and then gone. Life is short so be sure to tell everyone you love them often. Make it weird.

I am glad to be alive today even in these times of stress and much uncertainty. I love music and my vices help me. Back at it sad to report. oh well at least I know that abstinence is possible. but today is not the day to give up things that bring me much comfort.


God is good…



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