Love, love, love…

It is all I have right now but mixed feelings of love and confusion over a friendship that may be ending.

Is family all I really need? When friendships continue to not work out all I can do is look inwards and hope I have been a good friend.

It’s weird though when a friendship is ending possibly because I have beome so dependent on this friend and have been such a support to her through the griedf over her husbands recent death.

May God guide. I love her but am very hurt right now. I was angry but it has turned to pity. I feel like a shit show right now. May God give me love and understanding and patience in all that I do today.

I have not been very productive lately. Today that must change. Lots to do around the house and gardens…may I not fritter my day away but grief is hard. I don’t feel like doing a damn thing. But if I just sit I get very bored and disinterested in life. So off I go to make a list. Lists really help me to focus.

Can’t wait till this election is over. Very exhausting.



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