Morning musings…

Life is hard again due to the impending death of my brother in law, but I must remember my coping skills and not overdo anything in excess.

I used to write a lot, no more

i used to read a lot, no more

i used to walk a lot, no more

What do I do? Lately not much other than tidy the house and try to make life fun for my loved ones. I try to bring joy whereever I go but it alludes me at times.

Been fighting negative thoughts using crystals. It’s magickal. I have a quartz crystal I use and through the power of God It really works.

I have noticed a pattern with my thoughts, behavior and overall how I am feeling. I get bad news and it takes me three days to be ok. The first day I am numb, the second I it comes in waves and the third I don’t do much but take it all in and pray and listen to my Jason Mraz music which helps almost always, 99% of the time. I am on my third day today. Acceptance is occurring but slowly. Can’t rush these things.

grief sucks!!!

Today is the day of the dead! I celebrate my grandma especially, and others. Without a car today so can’t run errands.

I can’t finish this post today. Need to relax and feels like I am just rambling.

Morning musing to be continued tomorrow or later today.

peace, love, light and joy to all of you!



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