Balancing life with Schizophrenia…

Play time, party time, quiet time, noisy time (always husband related) and my time to recharge so I can give back to this world what has been so freely given to me…

I am no longer at odds with my disorder. I am at peace. I make mistakes but am learning to forgive myself along the way of this thing we call life….

I do not have a perfect life. There is much to fret about but I prefer to take my meds and function the best way I know possible, which today is a glass of wine with portabello pizza I made in my air fryer. Husband will be home soon and then the chaos will begin.

Today has been a good day. Walk with meaningful talk with daughter in am, a visit to my new favorite puppy, Zelda Twinkie, my son and daughter in laws newest 8 week old puppy with sharp teeth no less! Love love love her!

Husband will be home soon and my quiet oasis I have created for myself will be loud with the tv on and the dogs at his heels begging to go outside with him even if it be for a minute…

He has bbqs on Fridays and the dogs know. I love it!

I will get busy then. My witching hour is 5pm but today it will be a little later.

The chores never cease and I am happy to report that I am doing well with the house work. Actually my adult daughter cleans the house once a week and it’s great I just have to do maintenance and deep cleanings and I love to organize.

Enough about me. Thinking about a new topic for the month of NOvember. It is the day of the dead and all souls day so that will be the theme. I will relay some of my psychotic moments at this time of year from 2006. There is much to be said about this month when we honor and pray for all souls.



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