What do we even know?…

Musings for the day…

Religion, how can one be sure? No one really can. The one downfall I have been thinking a lot about is how religion often shames. At least that is how I took it…

Just saying I’ve got some recovering to do from my twenty plus years as a Catholic.

I have been enjoying my studies of alchemy, creating my own spirituality really if one had to define it. It speaks of unification of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I like this. I feel I am becoming whole again.

I feel the weight of the world off my shoulders for a few moments anyways.

Today was a hard day in the sense that I was tired and just couldn’t settle down to my usual good routine. I need to accept, honor and embrace these times that come more infrequently now. It was also a rest day from my new workout routine that I will be on my third week on Monday. Muscles are tearing and repairing and once again I look to Shaklee for muscle recovery.

I am so darn impatient. I want to be fit now! And not let it hurt my mental outlook. The days I work out I am in a great head space with the endorphins of strength training. So working out for four days and then resting for three days, but taking light walks and gardening feels ok. But not great. Anyone else love that high from working out?

Just curious.

Life it weird. I am weird. Ask my family. I say random things at the oddest times and they are like what did you just say? So I amuse them with my story of what brought on that thought. I love it though cuz it keeps them and me guessing at the next moment that will surely come…

My dearest friend and daughter think I am funny. I like that! I have been able to see the humor in life lately so that’s cool. Just saying.

Well, off to eat a healthy dinner and see what else I can’t do today. I was just like sitting there and I said to myself, just do it. Just get up and make dinner… so I did. My body feels like it is still in the chair.

Stay strong all of you!

Peace and love to all,



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