Still looking up…

“We give and we give and we give but we don’t give up” Jason Mraz

I’m glad to be alive he sings and I agree.

After a very hard week last week, I am still sifting through my emotions and happenings and today I bought a small bouquet of flowers 💐 for me! It cheered me up.

I have also met my goal of getting more fit! Day one complete! Gardened, cooked and housework too! Coffee and vitamin b keep me going and my shaklee!

My life is so different now!

I am a giver though so it is hard right now to not visit my dad at his rest home. But setting up a FaceTime call with him thanks to the help of the chaplain 🙏

So back to my original thoughts on looking up. Where else can I look?

To the heavens!

I hope you are all well and doing ok during this pandemic. Welcome China! And all countries!

May the best of your days be the worst of your tomorrow’s- Jason again ha ha! It is a Jason night!

Peace to all!



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