Telepsych medicine observations…

Here is my story with telepsych~

When Covid-19 hit and I was forced into doing all my mental health appointments on video, I was like no big change because I am doing so well right now. But I was sadly disappointed in the appointments after a while because it just wasn’t the same as in person.  This was a gradual observation that the visits were brief and I wasn’t sharing all I wanted to with my psychiatrist which I have seen now for 12 years!
I really struggled with what I perceived to be a lack of solid mental health care especially when I found out that my office which is an hour away would not be opening up anytime soon, due to the small waiting room not conducive to covid-19 and many mental health practitioners on site.
So after my last appointment which lasted maybe 10 minutes and feeling dissatisfied, I racked my brain and prayed how I can make this work and I realized these few things~
First, I decided to share with my psychiatrist my dissatisfaction not in his service but in the lack of my ability to share with him my going-ons. 
I also realized that I wasn’t prepping for my appointments which I used to do on the hour drive to his office and then taking time driving home afterward to reflect on any changes or insight he had into my mental state. So I went back to making a list and checking it twice! 
I also took the morning to prep myself to share with him all on my list and took some time afterwards to reflect on his observations.
The result was amazing!  I felt much better about continuing in this fashion long-term and will continue to take my mental health more seriously because as we all know stress especially in these unprecedented times can cause a decline rapidly for me and others and now I know what I need to do to make this work.

I think of others who are not doing well or just starting to get treatment and feel so bad for them that they can’t do in person appointments when so much might be missed through telepsych medicine.  Body language and trust building come to mind as downfalls to telepsych.

Feel free to ask any questions and comments are always welcome!

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