Unashamedly color blind…

In a world full of people of different colors, I am color blind. I was taught this from birth. I am so grateful to my parents for giving me compassion for all, no matter what color, ethnicity, sexual preference and the like.

I am white though and have lived without discrimination in my life mostly.

I think that the recent highlight of racial discrimination is without excuse especially in this day and age. I support the police but not actions like these of course.

I stand with the world, not against it. I will continue to be color blind when it comes to people because it is all I can do.

Will racism end? That is a dream of many and I will continue to pray for an end to the senseless violence currently and to the end of racism…

If anything George Floyd’s death and that of many others will hopefully not be in vain as I don’t know about any of you but I feel a huge shift, a wake up call that cannot be ignored but one that leads to every person in this world reexamining their own views and belief system and trying to be color blind too. We all bleed red, why should the color of our skin matter? These are my thoughts on this upheaval…



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