Dream big they say…

But for me this gets me in trouble with thoughts of grandeur, so I have decided to start small with the work on all of my life, deep within me, all my relationships with family, friends and strangers and exterior things, home, and gardens.

Today is a rest day for me so it is hard to just do nothing, which is a great sign for me that this will continue, that of being productive.

Had a vision during the healing circle on abandonment issues of smoke going up. I had my eyes closed and don’t believe it was a hallucination but rather a result of many childhood abandonment happenings. My take and that of Dave Markowitz who agreed that “some healing occurred”.

Today I have been sappy and teary plus malaise. The healing circle was on Friday. Yesterday was a busy day but good. I think I took on some of the negative energy in the world right now. So I did the keyhole exercise V2.0 and released what wasn’t mine to keep and kept what was meant for me.

I have been doing a lot of energy work lately, starting on accident at my friend’s home, which is like a retreat. I did a deep sun salutation and received a sign from above…my friend saw it too, a hawk first and then we saw its baby circling above above right after my sun salutation…

I lay hands on my friend that day and she recovered quickly from an ankle injury…she felt the warm energy transcend from my hands to her ankle…

It’s happened before with other people but it’s been a while as I don’t always remember I have this gift. I don’t believe it is a delusion. Just a healer at heart, with words and hands.

Have a great Pentecost Sunday, In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, amen…



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