May series cont… The enjoyment of tidying…

The many benefits of tidying

I love to tidy and have gotten much better at it as of late.  It is satisfying to only have things around me that bring me joy and I find I am in need of nothing; and I know this because everything has a place.  The satisfaction is immense at having an orderly house or area, rather than being cluttered and untidy.  Sort of like our minds.  If we are in touch with our thoughts, through writing and meditation for example, we will make better healthier choices and dream bigger along the way. 

Here are the steps to how to tidy, some of which is what I learned from Marie Kondo who I don’t agree with on everything but her general guidelines for getting a tidy house I find to be useful. She also writes that one need only tidy rarely, but I enjoy it so I tidy every day especially because I live with a messy husband and two adult children.

Discard first! Do this by holding each object and asking if this item brings me joy?

If it does not, get rid of it.  I love this!  And then take good care of the possessions that do bring you joy.

Find a place for everything and if it doesn’t fit consider getting rid of it.  Storage isn’t the problem or answer.

Start with clothes, she recommends taking every piece out which I kind of did.

Books next, paperwork, small items, sentimental items…

You get the idea. 

The last area I am working on is my photos.  I have so many of my childhood and that of my 30 years of being married and with 3 kids.  It will be an ongoing process for sure but good for a Sunday afternoon, which is my rest day except for necessary housework and maybe some light gardening.  And yes, I tidy Sunday night because my daughter, as a form of rent, cleans the house on Mondays her day off.  I still clean but she does a fantastic job and it allows me to work on deep cleaning and keeping things tidy.

I love to tidy so much that I want to stop writing right now to tidy!  Be right back!

Discarded more things that do not bring me joy and am in the middle of organizing my meditation room among other tasks.  I like being busy throughout the day and like the way I feel when I tidy.  Can almost call it life changing…



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