I wish I could help the whole world, delusion, but I can pray…

I wish people would stop calling it mental health and start calling it brain health…

I wish the pandemic would find a cure, soon…

I wish the world will still be connected once they do find a cure…

I wish, I wish, I wish.

Fighting apathy today.  Been through so many emotions this last week but not giving up.  Off to my sanctuary garden which is really coming along.  If you are interested in gardening see my blog of my May 2020 series on the benefits of gardening.  See right side bar under May series.

This pandemic has brought much good into my life.  My family is closer than ever before except when they were children but it’s different now with them being adults and having their own opinions.  It’s like a bouquet, you never know what you’re gonna get in there that may surprise you.

My garden brings me so much satisfaction, joy and peace and the fact that my kids are helping making a team effort is super awesome as well.  Dogs love it too!

My house has never been cleaner although I really need to do some deep cleaning especially the blinds and windows.  Ah next week.

Today after I garden a bit, I am taking a shower to get ready to go see my oldest son and his wife for a socially distanced barbecue at their new home which I have not seen yet.  Super excited.  We’re bringing brownies my daughter made.

What are you up to this weekend?



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