Waves of emotions feel just right…

I am learning how to lean into my emotions.  This has not always been the case, quite the opposite…

With the sudden death of my best friend’s husband,       Larry RIP, a week and a day ago, her deep grief, my trying to be a good friend, the possibility of him having passed from the corona virus and her now having symptoms, I find myself at peace tonight with God’s will.  If this is the rapture, My Lord, I am ready.

I planted a tree today in Larry’s honor.  An orange tree.  My orchard is expanding.  I love being out in the garden and think of Larry a lot.  He was a go-getter, energetic and funny and sympathetic and empathetic at whatever I was going through or that of his wife, my dearest friend…

So felt sadness, fear and anxious in the morning today, but then joy being out in the garden with my hubbie, and adult son and daughter.  Beautiful day with our kiddie pool to soak our feet.  Dogs close by, Cinnamon following me inside when I went in to do something.  Excited to be with their adults.  Butter eating anything she can find, Oh Princess Buttercup, such trouble you get in.

I love my dogs.  They follow me everywhere and since I have been active again, they are happy to go with me as I say, “Lets go!”.  But when I need more rest they are there too.  Kind of like how God is with us even in troubles such as these.  I know i am not alone.  I love my God and He loves me.  It’s simple.  We’re not fighting anymore.

These are my thoughts tonight.  Off to chill with my music and maybe some light yoga just to stretch.



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