My life has changed so much in just less than a week…

April 30- got a request for 849 masks to be donated to a local non-profit.  I moderate a Facebook help group and the request came in and I got right on it and with the help of many have collected almost 100 masks so far.  I have driven up and down the central coast of California to pick up the donated masks which will go to the volunteers who take food to the elderly and also to the elderly clientele.  Trying to get more but at least all the volunteers are covered (literally, pun intended).

May 1- got the news of my dear best friend’s husbands passing.  Worse day in a while.  Also published my first blog in the May series dedicating it to my friend’s husband!

May 2- got to see my friend whose husband passed and spend half the day with her.  Ignoring all social distancing because she really needed a a long hug.

May 3- which is really still today had a shitty first part of the day because I am still so distressed at the recent death and how my friend is getting on.  Appreciate any prayers… After doing some grounding techniques I learned as a therapist when I used to work and also did some emotional release work, felt better and got some stuff done especially more writing on my May series!

Tomorrow- more mask hunting and gardening, walking and hopefully yoga

Tuesday- visiting my friend again to support her as much as I can.

Busier than I like but it feels good to have stuff to do that is meaningful.





One comment on “My life has changed so much in just less than a week…

  1. Romil says:

    May God bless you, Have courage dear❣🙏


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