May series cont… connecting with others~

Connecting with others is a hard topic for me because I don’t always feel like it but I do every day to different degrees. I like my alone time and need it throughout the day. But connecting with others is important because being isolated is not good. Simple texts, a phone call to my mom […]

May series cont… Mindfulness~

The state of being present in the moment at whatever one is doing… So many examples and to me it is a way of life these days. I take my time with everything. Rushing is no longer a part of my days. Tonight it was a small bowl of Rockie Road ice cream with milk. […]

May series cont. Proper rest~

The benefits of proper rest As usual I will share what has worked well for me.  Please feel free to comment anything that has worked for you in getting proper rest. My best time of the day is 5pm-12pm.  I am generally more productive these hours so I try to save my hardest tasks for […]

My road is not yours…

My path or journey to wellness is individualized; as is yours… What it may take to get there is dependent on ones’ willingness to do the work, however hard it may be. I am not speaking of external things; no, I speak of that which lies inside our hearts down to our souls, which is […]

May series cont…the benefits of writing~

I am struggling to write this blog of the May series.  I struggle with putting into words exactly what I am thinking.  I know I am not the best writer, as my mother can attest to, as she was the main editor for all my school papers, yet she taught me well…love her and glad […]