Plan for the day, some new, some old…

Woke up this morning not having a clue what day it was.

Wow!  Time passes so weird, neither fast or slow but just this weird pace that I am not getting used to.

Yesterday was a very hard day for many reasons.  But I managed to exercise and felt better.  I was bored with myself, my music my sad existence.

But today I am inspired to look at things differently.  Today I looked up an old band (10000 maniacs) which spoke to me many years ago and still does today.  It reminds me of a dear friend named Terri who I used to hang out with and lost touch.  We used to listen to this band on our many adventures…

I will share my fondest memory.   It was me, my future hubbie and Terri and we went into a busy Jewish restaurant. in Hollywood.  Can’t remember the name but the best matzo ball soup!!!  We walked into the front and Terri just collapses on the floor as a joke.  Everyone was so worried and the mater de was freaking out.  My husband who is much more conservative than us was in shock.  It was hilarious!!!!  I love you Terri where ever you are today if you are still alive.

Anyway, one of the songs I enjoy is called “The Painted Desert”.  I love New Mexico and have driven through the painted desert on more than one occasion .  It just goes and goes and is so peaceful, un-moving and beautiful.

So I found an image of New Mexico Painted Desert and printed it and am making a desert collage.  I love the desert.  Last year me and my daughter went to Joshua Tree and had such a peaceful and wonderful time.  I could live there.  I love the desert heat and could just imagine myself in self quarantine there instead of here where it is cold and unimaginative.

But I would never leave my children to go be a hermit.  But if things continue as they are going it might be an option.

Wondering if this country and world will ever go back to normal.

Today I am also working out and have a phone meeting with my grief therapist.  So for now the collage must wait.  The fun part of making collages is that you can take things from your past, and from the internet.  All you need is a printer.  But you can also use old post cards.  And if you are an artist can draw your theme.

Since my theme is the desert it will surely have a Joshua Tree on it.  Not sure what else.  Must go get dressed and take my supplements…

Will share a pic of my collage when it is done.

God bless and be safe.

and as my husband advised last night, “Carpe Diem”.  Seize the day.




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