It’s a grave new world…

I don’t want to cause further panic in an already much talked about subject but it is a world of which I could never imagine.  People are dying, people are shut in, people are oblivious.

I think about it a lot, can’t help it really with all the ways it is affecting us all.  But I am coping well and getting through it by getting my exercise in every day, eating healthy and today had my first tele-video with my psychiatrist.

It went well and although I didn’t share with him that I am having partial delusions that I am causing the terrible spread of this virus by not being in God’s will that’s ok because I don’t really deep down believe it but there have been some signs of God’s displeasure  of some of my unhealthy habits.  But to think and believe even partially that I am the cause of the terrible state of things is a huge burden to carry.

Haven’t shared it with anyone but am sharing it on here because this is a safe place and hell I have Schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder so I am allowed to believe these things which seem so improbable and unlikely. I did try giving up these things God has said He doesn’t want me to do and there was little change in the state of the world so we shall see.

Sorry to be so vague but many would judge me for these actions so will keep them to myself for the time being.

Exercise and staying busy is my number one suggestion for anyone struggling with mental health right now.  Wash 5 dishes, walk for ten minutes around the house if needed, stretch, do yoga (Adrienne on You tube is fantastic) as is Leslie Sansone’s walking videos also on Youtube!

Anything to get the body moving and of course have some fun.  We have been eating together much of the day.  I live at home with my husband, myself, and two adult children one of which works at home, and the other one just got word he is being fired and is so happy about it!

Amazing how things change in an instant and it is also amazing how we are making COVID memories right now.

There is a song by Maroon 5 called Memories and it is still speaking to me when I want to take a break from my routine and listen to something meaningful.  The guy is hot too but I’m married but can admire from afar a fine specimen of a man with tattoos and the greatest voice.

Well those are my musings of the day.

Stay at peace my friends and stay connected.  You can always email me at if you want to know more about my journey or have any comments on my blogs.






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