Writing to pass the time…

So here I sit…

Actually been active today.  Took my dog for a long walk and got to witness families spending time together outside on this cold yet sunny day here in California.  It is kind of sad that it takes a global crisis to get families out and together.  But was nice to see.  Some houses were quiet, some people were fearful keeping their distance, some didn’t care, some crossed the street and me just taking it all in going with the flow…

I go with the flow a lot, my moods are up and down but right now I am mellow and at a good place physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I have Memories by Maroon 5 on loop.  Don’t know why but this song speaks to my soul right now…

Wishing for normalcy right now but feel like this is the new normal and may be for a while…

Life is weird.  One minute you are cruising along and everything seems to be alright and then bam a huge change like this…

These are my musings today.  Wishing you all peace and love in your hearts and homes as we see what the next day brings.



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