At peace during these extremely difficult times…

Yesterday wasn’t so.  It comes in spurts, waxing and waning as the world runs amok.

Today I got enough of my medicine for a couple of months and is probably why I am at peace.  I had to drive an hour to get the free samples of my anti-psychotics and antidepressants which would have cost me a thousand dollars at the pharmacy.

And I am now set up for tele-videoing with my psychiatrist.  if you don’t have something like this available I am so sorry and if you haven’t yet set this up I urge you to do so right away.

We may forget about our mental health care right now because of many of reasons.  But things will be limited now and in the coming who knows how long?

We will be ok world, wherever you are…

Will be blogging as much as I can to spread peace amongst us who are disordered and for loved ones and those who are interested in mental health especially students.  We need more doctors, nurses, psychiatrists etc … study hard!

I can be reached at with any questions about my journey or for comments from you or your loved ones.  God bless you all!



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