Opinions welcome…

Dear readers,

I hope and pray this blog finds you well.  I am asking for input on a situation that I encountered.  I went to see a master addictions life coach to help me with my addiction to nicotine among other addictions.

In the middle of the appointment she shared with me that she vapes nicotine too and that she isn’t ready to quit.

I was taken aback.  I finished the appointment and agreed to the 95$ fee but upon obsessing with it all night I really feel like I shouldn’t have to pay her that much.  I did call her and let her know I wouldn’t be requiring her services and I shared why but really wonder if I should have to pay the full amount if anything at all.

I drove thirty minutes to see a master’s addiction life coach who is not in control of her own addiction.  I feel she is misrepresenting herself and would really like to know what anyone thinks.  Just pay it and move on or request at least a reduced fee.

Opinions welcome.




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