Addiction is real….

Dear readers,

Ok so I’m lost again in the world of addiction.

Coffee, cigarettes and other vices.

Some help but seriously the cigarettes have to go.

Cut back on coffee today and yesterday and still had energy amazingly. I drank tea much of the day.

And I tried something new today. I smoked some hemp flower. It was very relaxing! Going to get some more and try to replace the cigarettes with hemp flower. It has trace amounts of thc and doesn’t get you high just very relaxed for the hour.

I’m doing well other than figuring out my addictions. I’m also addicted to good things like music, lavender, healthy eating with weight watchers and decorating for Christmas 🎄.

No voices from heaven! Just sometimes gentle guidance from above. Prayer is a huge part of my day. Can’t ever possibly pray too much!

My days are spent managing the finances which I suck at and managing the house. Visiting my pa and getting exercise in.

It’s a pretty bleak life at times but sometimes it’s really good, other times I feel like I’m losing my mind.

Thanks for reading. Going to try to blog more but it’s the same old…

Having a mental disorder can suck the life out of you!!! Glad there’s medicine that helps.



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