Just be held…

Dear readers,

When life doesn’t go as planned I sometimes lay on my comfy bed and just sing this song by I believe Casting Crowns.  It also sings, “you’re world’s not falling apart it’s falling into place, just be held”.

Life has been very difficult lately but today was a reminder to me again that one minute it may seem dark and stormy but then the light and life comes back into play and I am ok again.

Today was physically and mentally exhausting.  But I am actually at the library on a retreat with Edith Stein a Catholic saint, through her writings.  I feel blessed to be alive and love that I know what I need although today I did not take care of myself very well.

I spent the day with my daughter and it didn’t go as planned but we always love being together and today there was tears and laughs, but more tears than laughs.

I am currently obsessed with Christmas.  I need it to come soon this year and celebrate things like tomorrow we are all celebrating my oldest son’s birthday at our fave pizza place.  With lemon bars, grandma and auntie, in laws and my core family, husband, daughter, sons and daughter in law.  It will be fun and light and filling at the same time.



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