Tedtalk on hard to treat Schizophrenia, worth a watch…

Dear readers,

Here is a wonderful tedtalk on the story of a woman I admire greatly who is the founder of Curesz, who is also a close personal friend.

Worth a watch any way around it but especially if your current meds just aren’t doing their job.  No one should have to suffer needlessly with this disorder!  Check it out here~

Bethany Yeiser’s Tedtalk



One comment on “Tedtalk on hard to treat Schizophrenia, worth a watch…

  1. Kelly Boyle says:

    thank you for your blog, it is great that you are putting yourself out there and people can connect. My daughter has schizophrenia and hates the meds and refuses to take them, which resulted in many many hospitalizations. Using the Profrontal (amino acids)supplements from their website helped a lot, but then she quit all of the supplements, which were working perfectly. Again more hospitalizations, then I found Dr. K.S. Gopi of India who treats with homeopathic remedies and he picked the perfect one for her. This doctor knows mental health very well. My daughter is now symptom free. Homeopathic typically works by getting the body to heal itself. All I can say is that it works if you have the right one selected and if you take the right brand. Hylands didn’t work, but NuAge brand did. There are several supplements that work that are listed on schizophrenia.com like Omega 3, B3 and others.


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