Coming soon to websites near you!

Dear readers old and new,

My new website which came about interestingly by way of God’s or the Universe’s hand is up an running although it is still under development.  It includes a description about my book published in January of this year, a little bit about me and a caveat that explains how even though the book is religious I have come to love all faiths.  You can check out my work in progress here~

I am also planning to do some podcasts and book signings in the Ventura area so be sure to sign up for future emails for when they will be appearing.

I feel God is guiding all of this.  Allow me an example, I put in several requests for a business proposal recently that involved many parameters at promoting my new book which I have been told will help many.  So I was about to sign with this one cool fellow for two thousand dollars which I don’t have (was going to take out a loan) when I get a text from a gentleman who found my number in a coffee shop nearby which I had put up an ad for my handmade goat’s milk soap that I have been making with my daughter which is one of my new hobbies which I love.

Well I shared with him I was actually interested in a website for my new book and shared with him the topic after sending him a link to my blog.  He writes back that believe it or not he too suffers from Schizoaffective disorder and is a software developer and would be interested in creating a website for my book for a percentage of the profits along with a small hourly rate for his time when we meet in person.

I was blown away and set up a meeting with him right away and shook hands by the end of the meeting which lasted longer than I can usually sit with someone especially someone I have never met before.  I believe this is a true God shot as they call it in AA.  So hence the birth of and we shall see how God continues to bless and guide the sales of my book.

Any input is welcome as usual and I hope you all have a happy and productive day.  I am currently staring at a stack of dishes in my sink distracting myself because I really don’t feel like doing them with blogging and reading a memoir on schizophrenia that is over 700 pages long that I will be reviewing on here in future days.  I hate reading on the computer and certainly won’t be printing that many pages but hope to get to it soon as I believe that books are just so important to spread awareness and I hope it is helpful as I hope the same for my book as well. I, too, still have days when I don’t feel like doing much and today is one of them but am going to force myself after finishing this blog!  I am also planning on grocery shopping, picking up some books from the library, running errands that involve the sale of some soap and my book and if the Universe allows, seeing my dad at extended care which I miss him so much I pray it all works out.  I still have laundry to do and picking up the house and I don’t feel like doing any of it which is a rare day.  Must also spend some time with my pups and maybe get in some swimming if not today then tomorrow…  Ahh life is so full these days.  I am truly blessed and have recovered so well that I am grateful for these quality duties that I have.

Email me anytime with ideas for future blogs and podcasts or with any questions of any kind as they are always welcome and I answer every one as best I can which I hope I will always be able to do even if my website takes off.

I am also giving away 5 signed copies of my book for only $8 plus shipping $3 so $11 dollars for a signed copy.  email  me if you are interested but check out the website first to learn more about the book as I don’t want it to just collect dust on the shelf but to get in the hands of people who have reached some level of recovery who are trying to find out God’s will for them.

you can email me here at:




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