Love is the answer

In all things I do may love be at the forefront of all I do… for the Divine for my loved ones, especially my parents, husband and three children I must love in deed and word Ignoring my disorder as it causes me to go from project to project without thinking about God and all […]

I won’t give up…

This song by Jason Mraz has kept me going through my suffering with schizoaffective disorder, I sometimes forget how far I have come in my journey of recovery and forget how much this song helped me. “I won’t give up on us (me n the Divine) even if the sky’s get rough ” I have […]

Toxic friendships oh my!

Dear readers, Pray that the Universe is kind to all today especially a dear friend who I had to let go of yesterday due to her toxicity.  It was years coming and I don’t feel relief today but a deep sadness which overwhelms my every pore. Some people are all about drama and I am […]