Re-entering the workforce slowly

Hello readers!

Before I blog about my new exciting part-time job I want to share with you that I will be updating and improving my blog coming shortly with the help of another person who also suffers from schizoaffective disorder!  He is a software developer and is going to help me with this website and another one where I will be selling my goat’s milk soap and other creations (misters, roll-ons, alcohol free hand sanitizer).  So excited.  Up till now this has been a pleasurable hobby but I am going to take it to the next level and go for it now that I am feeling so much better on my new and old medicine regimen.

So I decided to apply at our local community college as a sociology 101 instructor and it ends up I know the woman who does the hiring through the community and she hired me on the spot.  She knows of some of my difficulties but not all.  But I feel ready for the challenge and that class was actually one of my favorites when I was working on my under graduate degree.

So stay tuned and send me an email anytime or comment and I have now set up my phone to receive my comments so I will be responding quicker, so sorry for delayed responses lately but ahh life is so full these days!








3 comments on “Re-entering the workforce slowly

  1. Harley Quinn says:

    Congrats on the job!!!


  2. Carol Peters says:

    I also have some fantastic news! My son put himself in the hospital after many years of not being on meds (his reason was not his mental illness but any reason will do). Well it’s been almost 4 weeks now that he’s spent as an inpatient and he’s doing fantastic!!! We are incredibly excited to have our son back – God is so good!

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