Success at last!!!

Dear readers, I hope this blog finds you well! I am now back on my original medication Risperdal with Latuda and have changed my anti-anxiety med and am doing positively great! I am sleeping 7-8 hours (opposed to 12 or 13) I am getting up every day and doing the things I have wanted to […]

Dedication today for Anne

Dear readers, I hope todays’s post finds you all well for I am not well which I offer up my cowardice and pain for a dear friend who passed last week.  Words cannot describe this excellent human being who I pray is now in heaven gardening with the angels! She was fiesty but used it […]

Featured Schizophrenia charity

Dear readers, I have not done well on Clozapine and am slowly weaning off of it which has proven to be the hardest thing I have done yet since being diagnosed.  It causes extreme anxiety and agitation and last night I was up the whole night unable to sleep because it was the first time […]