My mission statement at last…

Victoria here!  Greetings to all as I begin a new leg of my journey through recovery from Schizoaffective Disorder.

My mission statement was prompted as homework for my therapist and it was easy to choose my mantra,

“To do no harm to others or myself”

I’ve published a book recently call “Loving God, suffering and being in His will for all”.  It is available through Amazon and I plead if this book touches you in any way to please write a review and help more people learn about living with Schizophrenia and what it means to them, me and others not yet reached around the world.

I am currently doing well, but may change medications again shortly because the side effects of Clozapine are so numerous, weight gain, tremors in my hands, pain in my hands and other various parts of my body depending on the day, and tiredness which I combat with Nivigil but still am sleeping 12 hours a day or more.

I am also still awaiting a decision from permanent disability for the second time around this merry-go-round.  Filling up papers, asking others to write on my behalf and countless days still waiting for some good news on the home front.

I am trying to figure out how to generate some income through this site but am not sure how to go about it yet so must be patient.

I apologize for my lack of presence on the web  this past year…

Short recap~

My dad had a stroke July 2, 2016 which he almost died, then had another stroke later on and almost died again.  This all contributed to a major decline in my mental health and led to the abuse of alcohol and marijuana and cigarettes until my husband got very frustrated and kicked me out for my disease of addiction.

I prayed to God and ended up in the 12 step rooms and am happy to report I am now clean and sober and not even smoking cigarettes anymore.  Haven’t given up on sugar for now and unfortunately have gained some weight and love living a sober life.

My medications currently are helping with the delusions but I still believe some of them and have personally seen the hand of God move in my life when I am not in His will.

I am able to get much done recently mainly due to the fact that my middle child, my nana, moved home to help mom and even though she works two jobs I get to spend a lot of time with her which is always good.  I am grateful for all my three children though as each one of them helps in their personal way.

Recovery can be elusive at times and sometimes I feel like I am doing worse than before and the opposite at other times.  Life has its ups and downs so even though it feels like I am on a roller coaster at times I trust in God’s good will for me and all of creation!

God bless and take care,






3 comments on “My mission statement at last…

  1. Carol says:

    First, hi! And it’s good to hear from you. I had just found you online, subscribed then almost immediately you went silent. I’m super excited that your clean and sober; excellent!! If it’s possible I would like to know how your children interact with you and are you open to honestly and frank conversation with them?
    A bit about me; my son was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia with PTSD after his return from Iraq in 2005. In 2010 he stopped taking meds and won’t allow any conversation about that issue. He lives on his own and does a good job. I’d like to know how to interact with him, so maybe some insight from you and your children would help us.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your posting. I’ll look into your book also 😁


    • Thank you for your comment! I am so busy with my daughter home now to help me that I rarely have time to be online anymore which is good because I was on there way too much prior. If you want to email me I can give you some sort of advice about your son. The main thing though is to not push at all because that will never get good results. email me at and I would love to respond more fully.Pax Victoria


    • Very honest to a fault maybe but delicately too sometimes. My children are my main support but I try not to lean on them too heavily but it’s hard because two of them are so strong! Sorry to take so long to respond to your comment, feel free to email me if you would like to correspond at:
      Pax Victoria


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